Type of training

We provide our clients and their employees with practical trainings in all legal aspects of human resources. This includes:

  • Either a basic training (examples of topics that can be covered: introduction to Belgian employment law, how to be prepared for a social inspection, the right reflexes in the event of dismissal (in the private or public sector), annual holidays and holiday pay, well-being at work, useful clauses when drafting employment contracts and work rules, managing social dialogue within the company, conducting a disciplinary procedure, etc.);

  • Or “tailor-made” training, well thought out and discussed with our client, to meet the concrete needs of the company (example of topics that can be covered: specificities of your business sector, optimising the salary package of your employees, making working time more flexible, etc.).

These trainings are always interactive and based on concrete examples so that your employees can quickly and easily acquire the right reflexes in this area.

The way we work

We come to your company for half a day or a day for a tailor-made training. Alternatively, we have a catalogue of trainings that we offer to our clients and prospects. Contact us to find out more!

A complete range of services

We offer a tailor-made service to our clients, ranging from advice to litigation.
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Une offre de services

Nous offrons un service sur mesure à nos clients, qui va du conseil au contentieux. En savoir plus.

Een compleet dienstenAANBOD

Wij bieden onze cliënten dienstverlening op maat, gaande van advies tot verdediging in rechte.
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