Legal interim

Why seconding a lawyer to your company?

Seconded to your company, we can assist you with a specific project (restructuring, harmonisation of working conditions, revision of HR documents and/or procedures, implementation of a cafeteria plan, etc.) or temporarily take on general “HR Legal” tasks (during maternity leave, while waiting for a recruitment, etc.).

Experienced lawyers in legal interim

Our lawyers have already had the opportunity to carry out legal interim missions and are therefore very familiar with the expectations of companies in these framework.

A complete range of services

We offer a tailor-made service to our clients, ranging from advice to litigation.
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Une offre de services

Nous offrons un service sur mesure à nos clients, qui va du conseil au contentieux. En savoir plus.

Een compleet dienstenAANBOD

Wij bieden onze cliënten dienstverlening op maat, gaande van advies tot verdediging in rechte.
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