Are your HR documents and practices at risk?

Disputes between employers and employees can be caused by a poorly drafted or non-existent HR document (employment contract, work rules, car policy, etc.) or by an HR practice contrary to the law.

A solution through an audit

As expert employment lawyers, we can help you avoiding these situations through an in-depth HR audit conducted directly within your company.

We analyse your HR documents (contracts, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, policies, etc.) as well as your practices and help you to be compliant. You are then prepared in case of discussions/disputes with your social bodies (WoCo, CPPW, UD) or in case of social inspection.

Potential for improvement in the future

In the framework of our HR audit, we also proactively advise you on useful clauses to include in your documents or on interesting HR practices for your company (e.g. regarding the possibility of granting tax-free fringe benefits).

A complete range of services

We offer a tailor-made service to our clients, ranging from advice to litigation.
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Une offre de services

Nous offrons un service sur mesure à nos clients, qui va du conseil au contentieux. En savoir plus.

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Wij bieden onze cliënten dienstverlening op maat, gaande van advies tot verdediging in rechte.
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