What does a typical day at Yelaw look like?

Kick the day

You arrive at the office. Before sitting down at your desk, you have a cup of coffee/tea and talk to your colleagues.


Start working

A partner assigns you a case. You think about the strategy together. You work on the case. The partner is always available if you have any questions. The partner reviews your work and gives you real feedback so that you can improve (if necessary ;-).

Time for lunch!

At Yelaw, we like to have lunch together, either at the office or outside. There's no lack of restaurants in our great neighbourhood (Mérode). Sometimes we replace lunch with a short sport session.

Continue working

You dive back into the files that have been assigned to you. You may also have to go to the Labour Court, as we are also litigators, or to take part in a meeting with a client.

Extra mile

If you have marketing/design skills, you can put them to good use at Yelaw. You can help us write our LinkedIn news, our newsletters, etc.

Balance is everything

You go home at a normal time. At Yelaw, work-life balance is important!

We are happy to discuss our open job positions, even on an informal basis. Drop us your application:

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