Our fees are set according to the time spent on the case.

We make sure that these fees are:

Clear: We keep you regularly informed of the time spent in your file. The general / administrative costs of the firm (opening the file, sending letters, costs related to the filing of documents and brief, photocopies, travel costs, etc.) are entirely covered by our fees. We therefore do not charge such costs in addition to our fees.

Competitive: We offer you an excellent quality / price ratio. You can benefit from experienced and available lawyers at a lower price than a large law firm. Furthermore, we are pragmatic and solution-oriented: our primary goal is not to “sell” you a long memo but to answer concretely and efficiently your request. Depending on your expectations, we may favour a phone call (which may or may not be followed by a short written confirmation). We also take into account what is at stake in the case in order to avoid disappointment.

For employers

Furthermore, if, as a company, you entrust Yelaw with a regular volume of files, we also offer financially advantageous subscription packages for a guaranteed number of hours. Please contact one of our lawyers if you wish to discuss this.

For employees

As an (ex-)employee, it is possible that you can benefit from the total or partial intervention of a third-party payer, for example, because you have taken out legal protection insurance. We therefore advise you to check this point. It should also be noted that our fees are generally tax-deductible as professional expenses, provided that you opt for the real expenses system.